Get Enterprise Support for your Architecture..
Get Enterprise Support for your Architecture...

Get Enterprise Support for your Architecture...

We help in:

Modern Architecture

Building your business top of modern architecture that speeds up development and increases quality of work.


Designing your architecture works with service providers so you can focus on your business.


Solving your existing problems so you can adapt in cutting-edge technologies.

Data Processing

Processing data is a critical job for your business in order to succeed, we help to set right equipments.

Cloud Computing

Integrating your business application with power of cloud computing services by right hardware selection.

Machine Learning

Setting up correct infrastructure so that you can get high precision from your data models

What is Nucleoid runtime?

Nucleoid is a runtime environment that allows declarative programming written in ES6 syntax. Since statements are declarative, the runtime provides logical integrity, multithreading, plasticity, persistency etc.

We Startups

Revolutionary innovations are advanced with revolutionary teams, Nucleoid runtime enables small teams can do more with limited resources, simply because old-school is expensive.

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